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Ep 6: USPIS Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale

November 25, 2021

USPIS Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale discusses the unique role of the US Postal Inspection Service and the contribution it makes to the postal world:

  • The US Postal Inspection Service's mandate
  • How the USPIS fits in with other US law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and DEA, as well as international agencies such as Europol
  • How the USPIS's relationship with the US Postal Service makes it unique
  • The importance of postal security to the USPS, its customers, and the general public
  • The world's dependence on the postal network
  • Protecting postal people and facilities
  • USPIS's various functional groups
  • Major trends in postal-related crimes and threats, including employee safety, suspicious items in the mail, illegal substances in the mail, and mail fraud
  • Borderless crime and cyber security - and the digitalisation of postal services
  • The importance of educating the public about fraud
  • The UPU Postal Security Group's role and mission
  • How postal operators can advance their levels of security
  • How citizens can help maintain the security of the mail system

Visit the UPU website for more information on the Postal Security Group.

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