Voice Mail

Ep 1: How DHL is supporting COVID vaccine distribution

April 24, 2021

Thomas Ellmann, VP Life Sciences and Healthcare at DHL, is our guest for the first episode of Voice Mail. We discuss how DHL is supporting distribution of the COVID vaccine around the world.

  • What DHL's Customer Solutions and Innovations Group does
  • Sourcing and distributing PPE (personal protective equipment) material, including masks and gloves, for governments and other customers
  • Distributing vaccines as well as other products needed to administer vaccines to patients
  • Technology and infrastructure developed specifically for distributing the coronavirus vaccine, including temperature control at very low temperatures
  • Safety issues of carrying vaccines at very low temperature, including air cargo transport of dry ice
  • Air freight capacity
  • Working with other air cargo carriers as well as using DHL's own aircraft fleet
  • Understanding the magnitude of the logistics effort in distributing COVID vaccine doses around the world
  • Monitoring temperature during transit
  • Distributing the vaccine to remote areas and countries with less developed infrastructure
  • DHL and COVAX
  • DHL partnering with other non-profits
  • Local storage and distribution of vaccines
  • Lessons learned from the vaccine roll-out


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